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Re: rpath issue on 64 bit architectures

Leo "costela" Antunes schrieb am 06.12.2007 16:32 Uhr:
>> I had to do the option for a patch on aclocal.m4 and configure
>> scripts with dpatch on build-time.
>> On aclocal4 and configure the changes are (for each occurrence): -
>> hardcode_into_libs=yes +  hardcode_into_libs=no
>> -hardcode_into_libs=$hardcode_into_libs +hardcode_into_libs=no
> I haven't looked into your case, but unless I'm mistaken you
> shouldn't need to patch aclocal.m4 if you're already patching the
> configure script. You should either patch aclocal.m4 in case the
> configure script will be re-generated on build-time (which is
> unlikely your case) or patch the configure script directly. Or am I
> missing something?
I can only say, I replaced 30 occurences of the upper and three
occurences of the lower change in my package's configure script (package
gwyddion). This patch gets applied correctly and the lines in the
configure script read correctly hardcode_into_libs=no.
Still, the linker gets the --rpath /usr/lib option passed and the rpath
gets built in... :-(

I'll investigate further, just wanted to share this...
Any news on your side, Francesco?


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