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Re: rpath issue on 64 bit architectures

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Francesco Namuri <francesco@namuri.it> writes:
>> Il giorno 04/dic/07, alle ore 01:23, Russ Allbery ha scritto:
>>> The problem is that libtool doesn't think that lib64 is on the regular
>>> library search path and hence decides that it needs to add rpath, which
>>> is broken at several different levels but best avoided by just using
>>> lib.
>> at this point, the only way is to patch libtool after the creation...
>> is it a better solution respect at the use of chrpath?
> I guess what I don't understand is that I don't think we're seeing this
> with everything in the archive, and lots of other packages also use
> libtool.  Are we seeing this behavior everywhere, or is there something
> different about your package than others?

With sid's Sources.bz2:
cat Sources | grep -E 'Build-Depends:.*(?<=,|\s)chrpath'

This shows 116 packages, so perhaps many of them have similar reasons to
use chrpath, while admittedly many may also have non libtool based

Another example is the transmission package, which I sponsor and
co-maintain. I haven't looked as deeply into it, but it shares the same
lack of --disable-rpath option.

> It may be that upgrading the version of libtool used by the package to the
> current Debian unstable version would fix it, for instance.

It seems to already be the newest version available: aclocal.m4 was
created with aclocal 1.10, so the macros are up-to-date and they set
--rpath in many places.

The way I see it the options for dealing with RPATH are:

- Ask upstream to remove the hardcoded --rpath, either by manually
stripping it from aclocal.m4 or by relibtoolizing with a modified
libtool (since it has the hardcoded rpath set inside its source)

- Suggest the use of the AC_RELOCATABLE macro, which seems to be used by
many projects in their build systems, but I can't find a canonical
source for it.

- Patch the aclocal.m4/confirure.{ac,in} and re-run autoconf on build-time

- Patch the configure script on build-time

Any other ideas?
I'll probably update the wiki[0] with these suggestions and give it a
little cleanup, while I'm at it! :-)


[0] http://wiki.debian.org/RpathIssue
Leo "costela" Antunes
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