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Re: rpath issue on 64 bit architectures

and thanks for the help...

Il giorno 04/dic/07, alle ore 01:23, Russ Allbery ha scritto:

Francesco Namuri <francesco@namuri.it> writes:

I'm thinking this because after the call of ./configure the generated
libtool file contains all the lib variables set to corresponding lib64
directory eg (after a call of ./configure):

Yeah, that's broken, don't do that.  /usr/lib is the library path on
Debian's AMD64 build. Upstream is probably being too smart for their own good somewhere and setting libdir to lib64. (Red Hat tends to force this, unfortunately.) You could try using --libdir=/usr/lib and seeing if that
overrides things.

tried, but this doesn't help, rpath is still set... :(

So I thought that are the problem is related to the symlink...

The problem is that libtool doesn't think that lib64 is on the regular
library search path and hence decides that it needs to add rpath, which is
broken at several different levels but best avoided by just using lib.

at this point, the only way is to patch libtool after the creation...
is it a better solution respect at the use of chrpath?


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