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Re: Man pages and UTF-8

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Ben Finney wrote:
>> The standard encoding for Japanese man pages is EUC-JP
> That's no more true than "the standard encoding for English text is
> ASCII". The world is moving to Unicode encodings, though legacy
> encodings will remain for some time.
> They're also both equally irrelevant. The standard encoding for Debian
> GNU/Linux is UTF-8.

man-db says otherwise --- if you're in a Japanese locale it looks up man pages
in /usr/share/man/ja and assumes they're in EUC-JP format.

> A previous message in this thread asserted that groff is capable of
> generating UTF-8 output; but has trouble consuming UTF-8 input.

Again, man-db says otherwise.

In fact, man-db says that while there's a default table of hard-coded
encodings, this may be overridden by an explicit encoding in the directory
name. e.g.:


(I missed that comment last time.) Does this mean that if I install my UTF-8
encoded man page into /usr/share/en.UTF-8, it'll all work? What happens if
someone tries to read the man page on a non-English locale? I know that if a
locale-specific man page isn't found it'll fall back to the C locale (i.e.
/usr/share/man/manX), but can it be set to also fall back explicitly to English?

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