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Re: Man pages and UTF-8

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Russ Allbery wrote:
> What I was trying to get at earlier is that I believe groff can't handle
> UTF-8 input.  So fixing B, if I'm correct, is certainly not local to
> man-db.  I believe that fixing groff to handle multibyte character sets
> property is a substantial amount of work.  I've heard rumors from time to
> time that upstream intended to do this for 2.0, but the work is mostly
> stalled.

The standard encoding for Japanese man pages is EUC-JP, which is multibyte;
and poking around in my man directories, there are some man pages there which
are correctly declared as UTF-8. (Take a look at /usr/share/man/it.UTF-8, for
example.) So it's obviously possible. Whether there aren't any other horrible
gotchas I couldn't say.

Incidentally, all I originally wanted to do was just be able to spell
upstream's name correctly, so I can live without it for the time being; but it
would be nice to get this fixed.

(BTW, I don't suppose anyone would be interested in sponsoring the package in
question? ufiformat, a USB external drive floppy formatter, something which
Debian doesn't appear able to do otherwise...)

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