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Re: Multiple publication data in upstream-metadata.yaml (Was: Adding Rostlab packages to our tasks files)

To me, it is not just typing:  trying to explain structure of debian/ to
a new contributor/user is already quite evolved, and having something
like "umegaya" might take additional few minutes to explain and would
work against me insisting that debian is not really that geeky ;-)

On Mon, 16 Jan 2012, Charles Plessy wrote:
> > if you are talking about getting a shorter adequate name, why not
> > just to go with something which fits better among the list of what we
> > carry under debian/:  simply debian/upstream ?  atm I don't see any
> > package which would conflict.

> That would simplify typing.  If everybody likes the idea, I can do a mass file
> renaming in parallel with the PMID / DOI transition.

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