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Re: Multiple publication data in upstream-metadata.yaml (Was: Adding Rostlab packages to our tasks files)

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 09:48:04AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> This said, I have a proposition for packages where multiple references are 
> available.  I noted that many of them provide this list on their website.  I
> therefore proposed in the documentation to indicate this URL.  In the case
> of disulfind, it would be:
> References: http://disulfind.dsi.unifi.it/help.php#references

As I suggested in my previous mail I'd suggest to add this in the Remark
> This is likely to be usable in the blend's sentinel pages.  However, I have not
> implemented this.  I do not have a particularly good excuse, except that I am
> not a python programmer, so I would need to block a long slot of time to really
> get into it,

Ahhh, it might be me but I do not remember that this is "in production
state".  I somehow had the impression that you remained in the testing
phase.  No need for you to learn Python (even if in this case this is
rather learning SQL - my query became quite complex) - I hope to get
this implemented until end of January ... if all else fails this might
be a decent job for the Debian Med meeting.

> The data is in the UDD, so anybody can give it a try.  It is loaded and
> refreshed in the http://upstream-metadata.debian.net site on demand, each time
> information about a package is accessed (with a small temporisation to avoid
> hammering Alioth).  As a consequence, the information will be transferred or
> refreshed (daily) to the UDD only if it has been accessed.  I see this as a
> feature.  To force refreshing a list of packages, one just needs to construct
> and access urls like the one given above.  In the future, I would like to write
> a Subversion and Git commit hook that does this when
> debian/upstream-metadata.yaml is refreshed.

Ahh - so may be this was what I expected to be finished.  I somehow had
the impression that data from existing upstream-metadata.yaml files
would be missing in UDD.  Can you do some kind of "refresh all
upstream-metadata.yaml data now"?
> Lastly, since upstream-metadata.yaml is long to type, I have been tempted to
> rename the logistics around the file ‘umegaya’ for Upstream MEtadata GAthereing
> with YAml.

This would finally spare me copy-n-pasting this long name all the time.
I would even prefer umeya (gathering sound like a process how something
is done and the data are just stored - so the process is finished).

Kind regards



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