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Re: Multiple publication data in upstream-metadata.yaml (Was: Adding Rostlab packages to our tasks files)

if you are talking about getting a shorter adequate name, why not
just to go with something which fits better among the list of what we
carry under debian/:  simply debian/upstream ?  atm I don't see any
package which would conflict.

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012, Charles Plessy wrote:
> > > Lastly, since upstream-metadata.yaml is long to type, I have been tempted to
> > > rename the logistics around the file ‘umegaya’ for Upstream MEtadata GAthereing
> > > with YAml.
> > This would finally spare me copy-n-pasting this long name all the time.
> > I would even prefer umeya (gathering sound like a process how something
> > is done and the data are just stored - so the process is finished).
> Umeya is nice as well, but it already has 50 times more hits than umegaya
> in Google…

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