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Re: LSB 3.0 and who's doing what?

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On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 16:11 -0400, Dave Neil wrote:
> I like your plan. I guess I was looking at it from a "pure" Debian 
> perspective without using the work around.   Please excuse my confusion. 
> Let me know if we can help with the work around, even if it's just 
> testing the stuff and putting it through it's paces when your ready.

My focus right now is on convincing the dynamic linker to prefer the
LSB-specific directories.  Right now, that means "libraries in paths
containing the string 'lsb'", though I'm open to better ways.

That will give us the special dynamic linker and special libc6, since
the dynamic linker is built as part of glibc.  We will also probably
need some other special libraries.  The big ones that come to mind are
libstdc++{5,6}.  Ultimately, that means we will need to have a way to
build custom libstdc++ and install it to /lib/lsb.

It would also be good to identify other libraries we might need LSB
versions for, and get those built so they show up in [/usr]/lib/lsb.

Those are some tasks that come to mind.  If anyone wants to tackle them
before I do, be my guest.  Alternatively, if anyone has better ideas for
collaborating on this, I'm all ears.

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