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Re: LSB 3.0 and who's doing what?

Matt Taggart wrote:

Dave Neil writes...

Would those of us without Debian accounts have to get them in order to comment on bugs and log them, or would we just channel these to yourself?

All the bugs are in the normal BTS and anyone can manipulate them as normal. You just need the ability to edit a particular file on a debian machine in order to get that special LSB bug page to see them. You can just send additional bug numbers to me and I will add them.

Hi Matt,
What's the best way to view all the LSB bugs tracked in BTS, use the various Debian lsb specific package names? I'll forward any LSB bugs to you for Debian's tracking purposes and you can decide what to do with them accordingly;-) Also is Debian interested in skipping LSB 2.0 compliance and moving straight to LSB 3.0? The LCC group which we're working with is doing so, so would it make sense for Debian to do so? You may have already decided this and we missed it so please excuse the questions if they've already been answered a while ago.


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