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Re: LSB 3.0 and who's doing what?

Matt Taggart wrote:

Dave Neil writes...

that;-) Rather we'd just like a better way of communicating with everyone and avoiding duplication or missing doing important LSB work. Xandros could to do this and maintain it should everyone see the need for this. Thoughts?

How about a wiki?

My existing LSB page is pretty out of date, we should just take the remaining useful stuff and reorg it in a wiki.

The Debian LSB bug list is also a good way to keep track of status of compliance problems,

The list is maintained as a flat file of bug numbers, anyone with a Debian account could be setup to help edit it, right now it's just me. I haven't edited it in a while so if anyone has filed lsb bugs recently they're probably not in there.

Both these ideas are a good start. Would those of us without Debian accounts have to get them in order to comment on bugs and log them, or would we just channel these to yourself?



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