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Re: LSB 3.0 and who's doing what?

Dave Neil writes...

> Hi Matt,
> What's the best way to view all the LSB bugs tracked in BTS, use the 
> various Debian lsb specific package names?

The tracking page I mentioned before,


Right now to update that list I have to edit


But I had to get an account on spohr in order to do that. I think the goal is 
to set it up on another machine that's generally accessible instead, I'll ask 
what the status is.

> I'll forward any LSB bugs to you for Debian's tracking purposes and you 
> can decide what to do with them accordingly;-)

Yeah that will work ok for now.

> Also is Debian interested in skipping LSB 2.0 compliance and moving 
> straight to LSB 3.0?

I don't think so because sarge can't be 3.0 compliant (glibc isn't new enough 
among other things) so I think 2.0 for sarge and 3.0+ for etch.

> The LCC group which we're working with is doing so, 
> so would it make sense for Debian to do so?  You may have already 
> decided this and we missed it so please excuse the questions if they've 
> already been answered a while ago.

All of this was dependent on sarge's release date and I think this is the 
first it's been discussed on the list. Something else for the yet to be 
created wiki page I guess :)

Matt Taggart

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