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Re: customize bootloader

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 8:32 AM, Federico Bruni <fede@inventati.org> wrote:
> Il giorno dom 25 mag 2014 alle 22:22, chals <chals@chalsattack.com> ha
> scritto:
> In fact I was about to write to tell you that it worked indeed. But I wanted
> to do some more testing...

I'm really glad to hear that it works for you.

> In my case it doesn't make sense, because all I want to change is the svg
> file, using a hook. So I prefer placing my svg file wherever I want (in the
> root of the project or in config/) and use the hook. I won't copy any file
> in config/bootloaders/isolinux.

Fair enough. You decide the location of the image, of course :)

> Yes, it works. I only have one last setting to do: replace also all the
> other variables.
> As you can see in the attached images, only a few are working. Probably I
> missed some definitions in binary_syslinux script?

As far as I can see the ones which do not work for you are the ones
which require access to the chroot. i.e:

_LINUX_VERSIONS="$(for _LINUX in chroot/boot/vmlinuz-* ; do chroot
chroot apt-cache policy $(basename ${_LINUX} | sed -e
's|vmlinuz-|linux-image-|') | awk '/Installed: / { print $2 }' ; done
| sort -Vru | tr "\n" " ")"

_LIVE_BOOT_VERSION="$(chroot chroot apt-cache policy live-boot | awk
'/Installed: / { print $2 }')"
_LIVE_CONFIG_VERSION="$(chroot chroot apt-cache policy live-config |
awk '/Installed: / { print $2 }')"
_LIVE_TOOLS_VERSION="$(chroot chroot apt-cache policy live-tools | awk
'/Installed: / { print $2 }')"

The other ones work fine. My guess is that the chroot is not reachable
from your location. What I would do in this case, is either retrieve
the versions from my build system as long as you are using the same
versions as the live system. This is afer all where
_LIVE_BUILD_VERSION="$(lb --version)" seems to come from.

Or alternatively, do some more testing to see how you can reach the
chroot form the binary/ directory. Perhaps by just simply cd ..

I guess both options are easy to achieve.

Congratulations :)


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