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customize bootloader

Hi all

I'm trying to customize the bootloader following the instructions in the manual:

I want to change the icon and the name of the project.
I've copied all the files in /usr/share/live/build/bootloaders/syslinux in config/bootloaders/syslinux and I've modified splash.svg (just replaced the icon). But the built image keeps showing the old splashscreen.

Also, how @PROJECT@ and @VERSION@ (in svg file) are replaced? There's a file where I can set a different name? Maybe in /etc?

I see that the documentation suggests using a png file for the splash. Then I wonder why there's an SVG in /usr/share... it's just a template to be modified?
SVG would be cool because I would not need to update the image when I update the version.

Thanks in advance

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