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Re: customize bootloader

Il giorno ven 23 mag 2014 alle 21:13, chals <chals@chalsattack.com> ha scritto:
Third (your use case), you would like to use the default theme but you want to do some additional processing of the splash.svg file. live-build, as far as I know, does not provide an automatic way of doing what you want. But you can take advantage of live-build's increasing flexibility and achieve your aim relatively painlessly. Pointing you to the binary_syslinux script I think I gave you the hints to achieve your goal. You can use a similar method. I would use, like I told you in my previous message, a binary hook. Once all the syslinux files are in place (and have been processed by live-build) you can run your binary hook which should be capable of performing the following steps ( You already succeeded changing the icon, so I'm skipping that part): 1.- copy the splash.svg file from ../config/bootloaders/isolinux/ to isolinux/

I suppose that you imply to be in binary/?

2.- Use sed to make the substitutions you wish "s|@PROJECT@|YOURPROJECT|" and "s|@VERSION@|YOURVERSION|" and so on and so forth... 3.- Finally, convert the isolinux/splash.svg to isolinux/splash.png And be happy with it. It is as easy as it seems :)

Not so easy for me :(

I'm getting this error:

cp: cannot stat `config/bootloaders/isolinux/splash.svg': No such file or directory
sed: can't read binary/isolinux/splash.svg: No such file or directory
/live-build/splash.hook.chroot: 10: /live-build/splash.hook.chroot: rsvg-convert: not found

I attach the script I've used.
It works fine if I launch it alone, but not when I launch the build.

Sorry for the long message (again) but I try hard to explain things as carefully as I can. I do not know if I'm right or wrong. I'm trying to give you ideas and options for you to experiment with. Have lots of fun and a really great weekend!

Many thanks Chals for your time and have a great weekend!

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