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Re: customize bootloader

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 7:59 AM, Federico Bruni <fede@inventati.org> wrote:
> Il giorno mer 21 mag 2014 alle 22:00, chals <chals@chalsattack.com> ha
> scritto:
> I want to change the icon and the name of the project. I've copied all the
> files in /usr/share/live/build/bootloaders/syslinux in
> config/bootloaders/syslinux and I've modified splash.svg (just replaced the
> icon). But the built image keeps showing the old splashscreen.


If you use live-build's default syslinux theme and you add a
splash.png image of your own. It will be overwritten because the
script converts the existing splash.svg file into splash.png ;)

> I see that the documentation suggests using a png file for the splash. Then
> I wonder why there's an SVG in /usr/share... it's just a template to be
> modified?

The script checks if the .svg file exists before proceeding. The idea
behind the documentation in live-manual (which was trimmed in a rush,
like I said on the previous mail) was  to give enough information for
a small customization.

If I wanted to do serious work. I would use my own syslinux theme, and
ideally I would package it in a nice .deb format and upload it to an
apt repository. To be fair, I must admit that I do not build the
package from scratch. I get the source of syslinux-themes-debian*
modify it, and rebuild the package. It is fun to do it this way for
learning purposes.

> All I need now is replacing @PROJECT@ and @VERSION@.

The live-build system gives you many options when it comes to
customizing things to your liking. You can use for example a binary

Your hook will be executed after the syslinux files are in place, so
it should be trivial to make the "small" changes you want to.

Hope this helps.


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