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Re: customize bootloader

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 4:07 PM, chals <chals@chalsattack.com> wrote:

Hello again,

When I saw your message to the mailing list this morning
(https://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2014/05/msg00086.html) asking
about live-build 4.0~alpha37-1 I said to myself: "gosh!" There is an
unfortunate mix of information going on in here:

I first gave you instructions for live-build 4.x but then when you
suggested using "s|@VERSION@|3.0|" I saw number "3" and I switched to
live-build 3.x and well, I really do not know why. I only know that I
need to correct myself once again :)

>> Older versions used the suffix .binary, newer ones .hook.binary
> While this is true...

If you are using live-build 4.x use the .hook.binary suffix (and do
not forget to copy the isolinux files into config/bootloaders/isolinux

>> Besides, you need to correct your paths. Heed that I said:
>>> 1.- copy the splash.svg file from
>>> ../config/bootloaders/isolinux/ to isolinux/
>> Because binary hooks are executed in binary/

Yeah I was right for live-build 4.x, binary hooks are executed in
binary/ so the paths that I corrected are, well, correct after all ;)

Let me paste them again for you:

cp ../config/bootloaders/isolinux/splash.svg isolinux/

sed -i  -e "s|@PROJECT@|LilyDev|" \
        -e  "s|@VERSION@|3.0|" \

rsvg-convert --format png --height 480 --width 640 isolinux/splash.svg
-o isolinux/splash.png

rm -f isolinux/splash.svg

Tested and working correctly!!!

And do not forget to install librsvg2-bin in your build system, but I
guess you have already done this.

Sorry again for the confusion. It would be very nice to close this
thread hearing that it works fine for you too.

Best wishes :)


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