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Re: Can't create an i386 ISO, but amd64 works fine

On 07/15/2011 04:27 PM, Daniel Ellison wrote:
> This is how I assumed it worked in the first place, especially with the
> option being called "LB_ARCHITECTURES". I thought I would be able to
> specify multiple architectures like this:
>     --architectures i386 amd64

there is no support yet for building several images in a row as it's non
trivial to get it done right. however, in advance, we already renamed
the variable/confflag to plural so that in future, people do not need to
update their config (so much).

> Having separate caches kept for each architecture would mitigate the
> caching issue. Perhaps that could be considered for a future release?

sure. it's on todo with the whole multi-architecture thing, see
live.debian.net/devel/rfc/. i'd expect this to be ready somewhen in

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