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Re: Generating VST headers

Hi Free, hi Javier,

I don't feel very confident as far as legal matters are concerned, but
maybe Daniel James, who has already  dealt with other audio/multimedia
related legal issues may help us

I believe the only long-term solution is for Steinberg to release the headers under a free software compatible licence. I don't think this is impossible now, for several reasons...

1. Steinberg is now owned by Yamaha, a hardware company
2. Yamaha is actively funding Linux-related audio development, for mLAN
3. There are a significant number of commercial audio products now based on Linux kernels, with more likely to come

So I think it would be in Steinberg's interest to solve the licence problem (given that it will want to maintain the hegemony of the VST format). I believe this is something that the linuxaudio.org consortium should look at.



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