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Re: Generating VST headers

En/na Daniel James ha escrit:
> I believe the only long-term solution is for Steinberg to release the
> headers under a free software compatible licence. I don't think this is
> impossible now, for several reasons...
> 1. Steinberg is now owned by Yamaha, a hardware company
> 2. Yamaha is actively funding Linux-related audio development, for mLAN
> 3. There are a significant number of commercial audio products now based
> on Linux kernels, with more likely to come

Indeed, this would be very good news. However:
- Yamaha acquired Steinberg in the beginning of 2005.
- VST 2.4 SDK was released in the beginning of 2006. It's being
distributed "freely subject to certain licensing conditions".
- Long-term solution means exactly that: long-term. Steinberg changed
ownership in two years. It could happen again.

> So I think it would be in Steinberg's interest to solve the licence
> problem (given that it will want to maintain the hegemony of the VST
> format).

I think that would be in Free Software's interest. Releasing the VST API
is like releasing the Servlets API, building a SDK from the headers
becomes feasible. Who would need Steinberg's products then?

> I believe this is something that the linuxaudio.org consortium
> should look at.

And I really hope you succeed.
On the other hand, if Yamaha really is Free Software friendly (not just
Linux friendly, commercial applications don't have our problem) that
means Debian shouldn't be afraid of including an already available GPLd
header. We could have at least two (perhaps even more) applications with
VST support in main. Free Ekanayaka could package a lite version of fst
and have it in main too.

If you could confirm this, it should be enough to convince my admin and
officially adopt the GPLd header.


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