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Re: Generating VST headers

  >>I've downloaded the  VST development kit from  the Steinberg site, and
  >>accepted the use conditions.  Then I've built the  fst package (as you
  >>would compile any other   VST plugin using the  Steinberg  development
  >>kit)  and uploaded  it  to  non-free.   From my  understanding this is
  >>perfectly legal,  as is legal  to distribute VST plugins compiled with
  >>the VST SDK.
  JSP> Read the first paragraphs in Paul Davis' message at
  JSP> http://lalists.stanford.edu/lad/2006/06/0223.html
  JSP> It's pretty clear.
  JSP> Steinberg's license allows you to do that. GPL doesn't.
I didn't know about this thread, thanks for the pointer. Apparently it
seems that is some way to solve the legal puzzle, see:
I do not  fully understand what should  be done, however I think would
worth trying, and I can help in that (e.g.  by contacting the involved
Is there somebody on this list able to expose in  simple what could be
  JSP> Oh no, it's depending on LASH. I'm afraid you didn't get it. I read
  JSP> through their mail archives (fst archives), Paul Davis (co-author)
  JSP> argued LASH dependency was enough reason to not grant exceptions nor
  JSP> allow binary distributions.
  >>Mmmh, I'm not sure to get this point, please would you elaborate?
  JSP> Ok, that comment was from Thomas Vecchione, not Paul Davis. If you
  JSP> follow that thread you'll find it.
  JSP> The matter is if Torben and Paul grant GPL exceptions then my program
  JSP> could distribute the binary VST plugin. This doesn't apply to current
  JSP> fst, because of the extra dependency on lash. Their authors would have
  JSP> to grant GPL exceptions too.
We could try to contact them and expose the matter, what do you think?
  JSP> By the way, my program doesn't use LASH so that reason doesn't apply.
  JSP> Got no answer from them.
  JSP> So, if you succeed in this point, please let me know :)
Again, if it's possible, I'd be glad to help somehow..

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