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Re: Generating VST headers

|--==> Javier Serrano Polo writes:

  JSP> En/na Free Ekanayaka ha escrit:
  JSP> I should warn you. You won't be the first one trying this. Others have
  JSP> already failed, including me.
  >>It sounds rather scaring :(

  JSP> Considering the guy who was making the Ubuntu package failed, I don't
  JSP> think you're gonna do better.

I don't feel very confident as far as legal matters are concerned, but
maybe Daniel James, who has already  dealt with other audio/multimedia
related legal issues may help us (I'm keeping him in Cc).

Daniel, please refer to the beginning of this thread


to get the whole story.

  >>Is dssi-vst equivalent  to  fst in  terms  of  number of  working  VST
  >>plugins and stability?

  JSP> You should read its README, it shows good and bad points. I'm not a
  JSP> dssi-vst user but I know it has its author's blessing to be distributed
  JSP> (concerning binaries). And I can't test fst since I can't build it
  JSP> (sorry, I won't use that binary package).
  JSP> Have you thought about packaging an installer?

No, but sounds as a good idea to me. What would the install do exactly
in your opinion?

  JSP> I see FST is a C project. I could adapt the header to work with C but
  JSP> that'll have to wait.
  >>That would be good..

  JSP> Mmmm, I've had a look at FST source. It needs more work than I expected.
  JSP> Unlike those other projects, FST needs tweaking and I'm afraid there's
  JSP> still more research to do.

  JSP> It won't be easy. You'll need:
  JSP> - Upstream to cooperate. Otherwise, you'll have to keep the changes.
  JSP> - Help from someone not bound to Steinberg's license to extend the
  JSP> header (I've already achieved my goal, so not interested).

I see, looks a bit laborious but promising.  Please let me know if you
go further this way.



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