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Re: Generating VST headers

En/na Free Ekanayaka ha escrit:
> I do not  fully understand what should  be done, however I think would
> worth trying, and I can help in that (e.g.  by contacting the involved
> developers).
> Is there somebody on this list able to expose in  simple what could be
> done?

I should warn you. You won't be the first one trying this. Others have
already failed, including me.

Essential step: FST authors must allow to omit the VST headers.

Additional steps: Dependencies (LASH and whatever else) authors must
allow to omit the VST headers.

> Again, if it's possible, I'd be glad to help somehow..

dssi-vst doesn't have this problem, nor does my program anymore :)
I see FST is a C project. I could adapt the header to work with C but
that'll have to wait.


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