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Re: Distributing packages in small home LAN: Proxy server vs. Cache sharing

(We really should change the thread subject finally, no ?)

Another thing that comes to my mind is wwwoffle.

It is a general web proxy server, with very special features.
I was running it for many years, too, mainly to have whole sites available to read up on-the-road.
Today i would describe it as
a) universal web access control tool (but that's obsoleted by firefox addons now, somehow)
b) a very good education thingy about how web traffic works. Also including the mailing list.

It can be used to cache anything, debian packages, image collections, mp3, video, even streamed stuff. It has excellent cache control and management features, like highly configurable expiring or thematic views. Whatever. But it is anything else than simple :)

As for sshfs: Yes looks nice. Yet i see two arguable features. First, it's based on fuse and that needs special kernels IIRR so i would have additional dependencies. Second, who would need secure shell in a home or small office LAN at all ? 
NFS has some security disadvantages but it's simple to install, use, and maintain.
And it has additional security features which you can enable, too.


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