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Re: Suspend to disk?

* Zach <netrek@gmail.com> [2007 Aug 25 07:37 -0500]:

> I ran sid a few years ago and it just had too many problems that
> needed resolved on a weekly basis. I still get a few problems with
> testing but at least it's usually only on a monthly basis or less. I'n
> not the type that must have the latest versions of things. I ran 2.4
> kernel up until the past 6 months :)

I like tinkering, but I really haven't had too many problems to
resolve.  But then I experiment with various distros.  I do use
Slackware 10.2 as a software development system to ensure backward
compatibility in the Hamlib project.  I cut my teeth on Slackware in
'96 and came over to Debian in '99.

> How do you propagate the updates to your other 2 machines with
> apt-proxy or you just manually cp of the .debs?

I simply copy them.  I do the updates from each machine in Aptitude.  I
just try to avoid large downloads of duplicate packages.  In fact I do
the same thing between my desktop and laptop.  I use sshfs to mount the
packages directory on my desktop from my laptop and copy things over. 
It saves about 90% of my time and bandwidth that way.

> Indeed. And the package management is superior.

It is an ingeneous and well designed system, that often gets downplayed
in favor of more commercial systems (read, advertisers), although not
as badly as a number of years back.

- Nate >>

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