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Re: Distributing packages in small home LAN: Proxy server vs. Cache sharing

* Michael <codejodler@gmx.ch> [2007 Aug 27 20:50 -0500]:

> As for sshfs: Yes looks nice. Yet i see two arguable features. First, it's based on fuse and that needs special kernels IIRR so i would have additional dependencies. Second, who would need secure shell in a home or small office LAN at all ? 

I installed the fuse package and it worked "out of the box" with the
stock Debian kernel.  No additional dependencies were needed that I
could tell.

On the LAN only it is probably a rather paranoid solution.  But now I
can access my desktop files *anywhere* with my laptop.  There is also
the bonus of X11 forwarding and a secure login using ONE port, ONE set
of keys, and ONE set of configuration files.  Much cleaner, IMO.

> NFS has some security disadvantages but it's simple to install, use, and maintain.
> And it has additional security features which you can enable, too.

I was using a version of NFS that updates to mount on the laptop kept
breaking.  I switched to the kernel NFS server on the desktop and that
all went away earlier this year.  I had no further complaints about NFS
except that it was not secure to expose to the Internet.

Aren't choices grand?  Thanks to these Debian lists I have learned more
than I ever thought possible.

- Nate >>

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