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Re: Suspend to disk?

I ran apt-proxy for years and it's actually a quite cool thing.
But it's designed for serving many hosts (on a LAN).
For home usage, updating laptops from a PC, it's way too much admin overhead IMHO.
You always have to care to sync two config dirs (apt and apt-proxy), adjust the firewall, deal with update troubles (for example, python), and so on. 

I really recommend KISS - keep it stupid simple, and just rsync or NFS mount the PCs apt cache.

oh, and well thinking about your next argument ;) NFS server is always worth running on a linux home net, even with only one PC and one Laptop. And i don't argue over it ;) it's the best you can do, besides Samba. Where NFS is much faster.

> apt-cacher and apt-proxy are online proxies/caches for APT mirrors. I've
> used them both for my home network, they're very handy. apt-proxy builds
> a partial mirror, apt-cacher just keeps all the .debs in one flat
> directory.


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