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Re: Suspend to disk?

* Zach <netrek@gmail.com> [2007 Aug 25 04:11 -0500]:
> 2.6.18 is considered ancient? LOL~

In the context of Sid, yes, it's ancient.  ;-)

The issue with s2disk, actually uswsusp, hinged on the fact that my
system was using yaird to build the initrd images and as a result
reconfiguring uswsusp would fail silently when it was supposed to
rebuild the initrd.  Once I rebuilt the initrd using initramfs-tools,
then reconfiguring uswsusp worked as advertised. The rebuilding of the
initrd by the uswsusp to install the resume capability in the initrd.

I have submitted a bug report and then followed up requesting the
maintainer to warn about a yaird created initrd.  Here is the bug


> Maybe if he said 2.2.x :-)

Anything earlier than 2.6.16 is cause for alarm when running Sid.

- Nate >>

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