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Re: Suspend to disk?

On 8/25/07, Nate Bargmann <n0nb@networksplus.net> wrote:
> I used to until about 18 months ago and Testing was in a log jam with
> KDE updates.  So I jumped forward to Sid as my day-to-day installations
> on my desktop and laptop and have really had fewer problems then when I
> ran Testing.

I ran sid a few years ago and it just had too many problems that
needed resolved on a weekly basis. I still get a few problems with
testing but at least it's usually only on a monthly basis or less. I'n
not the type that must have the latest versions of things. I ran 2.4
kernel up until the past 6 months :)

> I have Stable installed on two other machines at other locations and in
> a partition on my laptop which is mostly to download updates for the
> other two which only have dialup access.

How do you propagate the updates to your other 2 machines with
apt-proxy or you just manually cp of the .debs?

> I do like Debian for the choices.  No other distribution does this so
> well.

Indeed. And the package management is superior.


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