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Re: Suspend to disk?

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> I'm experimenting with powersaved and uswsusp and not having much luck
> with either.

You might try 'hibernate' then.

  apt-cache show hibernate

> So, I then tried the s2disk program from the uswsusp package and it
> suspended to the swap partition without complaint.  When I powered the
> machine back up using the same kernel as when I suspended it, it booted
> normally except that it couldn't find a swap signature on my swap
> partition.  Well, duh, my suspended image was there!  So, I would up
> doing a mkswap and swapon -a to restore it.

That sounds abnormal.  Suspending to the swap partition should not
have destroyed the swap signature there.  I would try this again
carefully.  It should work.

> Not that it matters right now, but this is on a Thinkpad T23 with 800
> MiB of swap and 768 MiB of RAM.  As of the latest experiments I'm
> running an ancient 2.6.18-4-686 kernel on Sid and I plan to install the
> latest 2.6.22 shortly.  I do use the Debian packaged kernels.

That "ancient" Linux 2.6.18 kernel is much newer than your ThinkPad
model T23.  I wouldn't throw stones at it.


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