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Re: wireless network problems

Am 2003-12-30 19:05:08, schrieb Tim Folger:
>I've been having trouble getting an orinoco gold card to work on my 
>laptop with woody using the bf24 kernel. I'm a newbie and am thinking 
>about taking the plunge and trying to compile a custom kernel. Does 
>anyone have any recommendations for a kernel that would best support 
>wireless networking with woody?

Hello Tim, 

there is nothing special...

If the Installer does not detect automaticly the PCMCIA, choose it 
manualy... and configure it.

Use the bf24 Bootfloppies...
The Lucent ORINOCO Cards are working while installing the Base...

Even if I use a Toshiba t1950ct (486dx2/50 with 12 MB of memory)


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