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Re: mplayer & audio

Am 2003-12-31 11:30:33, schrieb Gustavo Halperin:
>Hello List
> My 'mplayer' can't open the audio (or/and dsp) device when I run it like
>user.  I added the user in the audio group (in file /etc/group), also the
>'xmms' and other audio applications haven't problem with audio devices
>like simple user. But 'mplayer' only can open this device like root.
>Any idea why it is happen??
>By the way, I'm using Debian woody and the device intel i810 together
>with the NAS audio server.
> Thank you.


if you are using an Audio-Server, 'xmms' and the other audio-apps will 
use it. 'mplayer' can not use the /dev/dsp because the Audio-Server use 
it. So configure 'mplayer' to use the Audio-Server  ;-)


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