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[DONE] wml:// [ITT] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/issues.po [ITT] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/upgrading.po [ITT] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/whats-new.po [ITT] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/{about.po,installing.po,issues.po,moreinfo.po,old-stuff.po,release-notes.po,upgrading.po,whats-new.po} [ITT] po-debconf://r-cran-class/pt_BR.po [ITT] po-debconf://r-cran-spatial/pt_BR.po [ITT] po-debconf://tunapie/pt_BR.po [LCFC] wml:// [RFR2] po-debconf://cloud-init/pt_BR.po [RFR] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/issues.po [RFR] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/moreinfo.po [RFR] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/old-stuff.po [RFR] ddp://manuals/trunk/release-notes/whats-new.po [RFR] Re: Please translate: stretch dedication text [RFR] wml:// [RFR] wml:// Re: Info over uw diensten Fwd: Please translate: Debian Stretch announcement WIN2017 Symposium is next week! The last update was on 20:18 GMT Thu Jun 06. There are 34 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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