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Re: 6.7.0 pointer problems

Dear Klaus,

> I noticed that in KVM, mouse response is much better when using -vga
> vmware rather than -vga std or cirrus. Maybe, some xorg modules switch
> to "software pointer" on their own?

What are "-vga vmware" or "-vga std"?  Are these command line options for
something?  Does this have anything to do with the "xmodule=" or
"nomodeset" cheat-codes?  I know very little about X and don't know what
xorg modules are.  I do know I have an Nvidia video card and was having
intense video issues with K643 with the nouveau driver and they were
corrected with boot params "nomodeset xmodule=nv" (There may have also
been mouse pointer issues, but it would have been impossible to notice.). 
These problems were fixed in K644, I no longer needed "nomodeset
xmodule=nv", and nouveau worked fine.

> There is a new xorg core server (1.11) in xorg in Debian/unstable now,
> which is present in Knoppix 6.7.1. Maybe this fixes something. I did not
> notice a difference on my testing machines, though (which did not show a
> pointer delay problem before or after, anyways).
> Version 6.7.1 should be up soon (you may already get it via bittorrent
> from torrent.unix-ag.uni-kl.de, just checking... not yet). Please let me
> know it it got better, or worse, concerning the pointer problem.

Will do!


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