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Re: knoppix 6.7 has many window focus problems

Dear Klaus,

I have been observing these problems, including the lxterminal-logout
window sometimes not getting focus, with metacity because I use the no3d

As for the root terminal window with random dimensions, that is
lxterminal.  The same thing happens when running running a second (or
third, or fourth, ...) window using ctrl+shift+N or typing lxterminal at
the prompt.  It happens for both root and for knoppix, with one exception:
so far, every window I have opened with the quick launch tool bar shell
icon has been 79x23.

Now, if I run lxterminal from either the command prompt, or from a script,
using "lxterminal --geometry=80x24", it opens mostly 79 column x 23 line
terminals, with a few 81x23.  (And, very rarely, something else.)  In
hopes of isolating the cause, I tried this with rxvt, and always got 80x24
(and, unlike lxterminal, rxvt also allows position parameters, e.g.,
80x24-0+0 for the top-right corner).

By the way, I notice that 6.7.0 knoppix-halt does not unload any modules. 
That eliminates the wol problem!  Thanks!


> Hello Andrew,
> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 06:34:11AM -0400, Andrew wrote:
>> Dear Yagnesh et al,
>> The mouse is not necessary:  You can "tab" through the windows with
>> alt+tab.
>> I have been noticing this focus problem with various programs since
>> 6.4.4,
>> but it may have started before that.
>> I am finding this especially problematic when I open a new terminal
>> window
>> and start typing immediately, only to find my keystrokes affecting the
>> prior window!
> It may be related to the "focus stealing prevention" feature of compiz,
> which is set to "low" by default in Knoppix. It means that while you are
> typing or moving the mouse, compiz will prevent new windows of taking
> the focus away from the previous window, which is supposed to prevent
> "typing into the wrong window" when, for example, an unrelated popup
> window shows up while you are typing in OpenOffice. In this case, the
> focus should stay inside OpenOffice, and not be transferred to the
> rather unimportant "informational popup window". Of course, compiz does
> not know whether or not a window is "important" enough to get the focus
> while you are working inside another window, so the decision is rather
> arbitrary.
>> Probably confusing for new users (but it doesn't bother me very much) is
>> when you select Logout from the menu and the Logout dialog apparently
>> does
>> not appear (because it is hidden behind the active window).
> I have not seen this happening yet, though I imagine it could happen.
> Maybe the better setting for "focus stealing prevention" should be
> "off", to be more "Windows-like" (i.e. your work may get interrupted if
> a popup appears).
>> I don't know if this is related, but it might be:  Another capricious
>> bug
>> is that the dimensions of a newly run lxterminal seems to vary without
>> rhyme or reason.  With earlier versions, the terminal always defaulted
>> to
>> 80x24, but now, let's see: Running 6.7.0 and opening two root terminal
>> windows,
> The "root terminal window" may use an different terminal than
> lxterminal. I must admit that I seldom use it directly from the menu,
> since "sudo" in the normal lxterminal session is sufficient for me.
>> I get 81x23 for the first and 79x23 for the second.  (By the way,
>> the first opened without getting the focus, and the second opened with
>> focus.)
>> Hope this helps.
> Is compiz running, or rather the simpler metacity window manager?
> Regards
> -Klaus

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