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no shutdown option

Hello, all:

I have knoppix 6.7.0 cd installed on a usb memory stick, and have been using it on a hp dv5 notebook. I have no problems with WiFi card or sound, though I need to use acpi=off cheatcode to boot into LXDE, besides lang. However, I don't have a battery indicator, or warning when it's low so it shuts down unexpectedly; Compiz does not run (video is ATI Radeon HD 4200); and when trying to shutdown, there is no such option in shutdown dialogue box, only hibernate, end session, suspend and change user, if I remember well.

Are there any additional cheatcodes I could use for compiz? Is the shutdown issue related to this? What could be the best command to turn off the notebook (I'm using: "shutdown -Hp now" but it leaves some vertical lines on the screen)? And finally, is there any way to check battery charge with acpi turned off?


Miguel Moran

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