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Re: knoppix 6.7 has many window focus problems

Hello Andrew,

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 02:35:00AM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> Dear Klaus,
> I have been observing these problems, including the lxterminal-logout
> window sometimes not getting focus, with metacity because I use the no3d
> cheat-code.

You mean "NOT" with metacity, right? metacity does not have the "prevent
focus stealing" feature that compiz uses.

> As for the root terminal window with random dimensions, that is
> lxterminal.  The same thing happens when running running a second (or
> third, or fourth, ...) window using ctrl+shift+N or typing lxterminal at
> the prompt.  It happens for both root and for knoppix, with one exception:
> so far, every window I have opened with the quick launch tool bar shell
> icon has been 79x23.

I just noticed that the gksu desktop file (which is called "Root
Terminal" in the menu) startes with different options (transparent
background etc. in lxterminal) than our knoppix-special menu entry under
"Preferences" called "Root Shell". While it would probably be better to
only have ONE "Root" menu entry, I neither want to change the original
gksu setup, nor the knoppix-specific entry under "Preferences". Better
two working tools than (in the worst case) none.

The different dimensions when opening the window may be related to the
different settings in the specific tool. I only feel responsible for the
"Root Shell" in "Preferences" because this is my own package, while
"gksu" is original Debian.

> Now, if I run lxterminal from either the command prompt, or from a script,
> using "lxterminal --geometry=80x24", it opens mostly 79 column x 23 line
> terminals, with a few 81x23.  (And, very rarely, something else.)  In
> hopes of isolating the cause, I tried this with rxvt, and always got 80x24
> (and, unlike lxterminal, rxvt also allows position parameters, e.g.,
> 80x24-0+0 for the top-right corner).

The compiz session manager may try to remember the geometry from the
last time when the window was opened, with all gtk applications. It may
depend on if the window gets the focus or not, which is again related to
the "focus stealing prevention", and may be the cause why I con't
observe this behaviour when testing inside kvm on my slower machine.

> By the way, I notice that 6.7.0 knoppix-halt does not unload any modules. 
> That eliminates the wol problem!  Thanks!

That's the reason why I skipped module unloading in
/etc/init.d/knoppix-halt. Unloading modules seems to do more than
desired with some modules, while most driver nowadays seem to handle
shutdown or suspend correctly, so it may be the better choice to never
unload them before shutdown.


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