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knoppix 6.7 has many window focus problems

Dear Yagnesh et al,

The mouse is not necessary:  You can "tab" through the windows with alt+tab.

I have been noticing this focus problem with various programs since 6.4.4,
but it may have started before that.

I am finding this especially problematic when I open a new terminal window
and start typing immediately, only to find my keystrokes affecting the
prior window!

Probably confusing for new users (but it doesn't bother me very much) is
when you select Logout from the menu and the Logout dialog apparently does
not appear (because it is hidden behind the active window).

I don't know if this is related, but it might be:  Another capricious bug
is that the dimensions of a newly run lxterminal seems to vary without
rhyme or reason.  With earlier versions, the terminal always defaulted to
80x24, but now, let's see: Running 6.7.0 and opening two root terminal
windows, I get 81x23 for the first and 79x23 for the second.  (By the way,
the first opened without getting the focus, and the second opened with

Hope this helps.


> Hi,
> I observed problem with Alt+F2 that it is not having focus when there are
> other windows then desktop opened.
> When desktop is visible if I press Alt+F2, edit box of searcher does have
> a
> focus. There is no issue in this case. But when there are any windows open
> e.g. chromium, file manager etc. and I press Alt+F2, the edit box of
> searcher does not have focus. Due to this I'm being forced to use mouse
> while using Alt+F2.
> I'm using knoppix first time, so I don't know whether this bug existed in
> earlier versions or not.
> --Yagnesh A. Revar

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