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Re: knoppix 6.7 has many window focus problems

Hello Andrew,

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 06:34:11AM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> Dear Yagnesh et al,
> The mouse is not necessary:  You can "tab" through the windows with alt+tab.
> I have been noticing this focus problem with various programs since 6.4.4,
> but it may have started before that.
> I am finding this especially problematic when I open a new terminal window
> and start typing immediately, only to find my keystrokes affecting the
> prior window!

It may be related to the "focus stealing prevention" feature of compiz,
which is set to "low" by default in Knoppix. It means that while you are
typing or moving the mouse, compiz will prevent new windows of taking
the focus away from the previous window, which is supposed to prevent
"typing into the wrong window" when, for example, an unrelated popup
window shows up while you are typing in OpenOffice. In this case, the
focus should stay inside OpenOffice, and not be transferred to the
rather unimportant "informational popup window". Of course, compiz does
not know whether or not a window is "important" enough to get the focus
while you are working inside another window, so the decision is rather

> Probably confusing for new users (but it doesn't bother me very much) is
> when you select Logout from the menu and the Logout dialog apparently does
> not appear (because it is hidden behind the active window).

I have not seen this happening yet, though I imagine it could happen.
Maybe the better setting for "focus stealing prevention" should be
"off", to be more "Windows-like" (i.e. your work may get interrupted if
a popup appears).

> I don't know if this is related, but it might be:  Another capricious bug
> is that the dimensions of a newly run lxterminal seems to vary without
> rhyme or reason.  With earlier versions, the terminal always defaulted to
> 80x24, but now, let's see: Running 6.7.0 and opening two root terminal
> windows,

The "root terminal window" may use an different terminal than
lxterminal. I must admit that I seldom use it directly from the menu,
since "sudo" in the normal lxterminal session is sufficient for me.

> I get 81x23 for the first and 79x23 for the second.  (By the way,
> the first opened without getting the focus, and the second opened with
> focus.)
> Hope this helps.

Is compiz running, or rather the simpler metacity window manager?


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