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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: devfs

Kai Lahmann wrote:

could you give us some numbers?

It tooke some time, bit here they are:

Kernel on KNOPPIX-2003-04-10                   925760 (904k)   (*)
Same kernel with devfs enabled                 939312 (917k)
With devfs, 4GB, mathemu removed               916477 (895k)

Size on miniroot.gz on KNOPPIX-2004-04-10      476273 (465k)
Same miniroot without /dev on new ext2 fs      468769 (458k)

So adding devfs to the kernel increases its size by 13 kB, but 22 kB can be gained by disabling Math emulation (CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION). This means that the kernel won't run on 80386 and 80486SX CPUs without math coprocessor any longer (486DX, Pentium and higher are fine).

If devfs is used on the initrd, 7 kB can be saved there. /dev could be copied from the cloop file system so only 6 kB more are needed on boot.img if devfs is enabled but math emulation not disabled. This means that the the running Knoppix system would not be using devfs, it would only be used in the CD ROM detection stage.

(*) I have compiled this kernel myself, the actual kernel on the CD is
    925720 bytes. The difference is probably because some drivers do
    include the compile date in their version number so the compression
    results are slightly different.

Stefan Gybas

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