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[debian-knoppix] Re: devfs

Klaus Knopper wrote:

I'm not sure about devfs yet. As it looks right now, "no devfs" is the
"safe" answer. Also, not all modules are supporting devfs right now.

You don't have to mount devfs if you want to be on the "safe" side but it can be enabled in the kernel nevertheless - like it's done in the kernel-image-2.4.* packages for i386.

I think all drivers in the official kernel do support devfs, it's just some 3rd party modules like VMware that don't do so yet.

I would rather wait until devfs is the "official way to go", which will
probably be in Kernel 2.6 later this year, right?

Devfs has and will always be an option and never the "official way". It's up to the distributions to decide. For example, devfs is the default in Debian 3.0 for S/390 and in the new debian-installer. I don't think that any of the commercial distributions are using devfs yet because of backward compatibility.

Stefan Gybas

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