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devfs, was Re: [debian-knoppix] bootsplash

Klaus Knopper wrote:

Ok, I will switch it on in the next kernel update then. Not right now.
When 2.4.21 comes out, whenever that will be. ;-)

While you are making changes to the kernel configuration: Could you also enable CONFIG_DEVFS_FS? If you set CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT=n devfs will not be mounted automatically at boot time but can still be mounted by the user if he needs DevFS. The standard Debian kernels are configured this way and nobody has reported any problems so far.

I have modified linuxrc in boot.img to deal with devfs names but then cloop didn't support devfs (yet?) so you would also have to include mknod to create /deev/cloop if you want to mount devfs as /dev. DevFS could be mounted as /devfs instead on the initd with only a few device nodes left in /dev so you could save a lot of inodes there. I can send you a patch for this but only if I don't have to remaster Knoppix each time you release a new version because the kernel does not support devfs. :-)

Stefan Gybas

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