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[debian-knoppix] bootsplash

Hello List,

bootsplash allows to have a graphical boot progress bar (as in Mac OS).  
Please have a look on the screenshots on www.bootsplash.org - the new version 
has made a huge progress.

Knoppix is extremely user friendly, but the boot messages at the start are 
unneccessary and even annoying for many users (at least as long everything 
goes well - if not, simply press F2).  A graphical boot process would be an 
important step to establishing Knoppix as a real desktop alternative to 
Windows, especially when it comes to beginners.

In the newest version the user can press F2 if he wants to see the boot 
messages. Or it can be disabled altogether by appending vga=0 at the boot 
prompt. So, I do not see any drawbacks why bootsplash shouldn't be included 
in Knoppix. 

(The KnoppixKDE remaster uses a previous version of bootsplash and shows that 
it basically can be done with Knoppix.)

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