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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.

|--==> Bastian Blank writes:

  BB> Okay. Lets take a look at the images:
  BB> i386:
  BB> * available:
  BB>   - 486
  BB>   - 686 (maybe we can adopt the lock-noop patch, see the xen repo for
  BB>     references)
  BB>   - 686-smp
  BB>   - k7 (the same)
  BB>   - k7-smp
  BB> * ready for merge:
  BB>   - vserver-686 (here, I think, we really should add the mentioned
  BB>     patch, as i386 have a too large overhead for locking)
  BB>   - vserver-k7

BTW I've checked out the  whole kernel SVN repo, but  I can't find the
vserver-* configs.. where are they exactly?

  BB> * wanted:
  BB>   - amd64-k8
  BB>   - emt64-$bla
  BB> * requested for -media (I think):
  BB>   - rt-686
  BB>   - rt-k7


I've talked a bit with Junichi, and we came to the conclusion that
naming the flavour "-multimedia" (hence -multimedia-686, -multimedia-k7)
would probably be the best choice as:

1) it should be more clear the connection between this set of flavours
and the debian-multimedia team

2) the  realtime patch might  not be the  only patch  we  are going to
apply, for example  we might want  bootsplash and  software suspend 2;
then the -rt label would be misleading



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