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Re: Best file system

Donovan Baarda wrote:

IMHO grub makes a big mistake by trying to be FS aware; a boot loader
should be a boot loader, not it's own damn mini OS with support for all
filesystems... next thing they will be giving it its own initrd for
dynamically loading extra fs modules :-)
Woohoo, bootloader holy wars! ;-)

I much prefer grub. It's far more flexible, is necessary for certain things (e.g. Xen, which apparently some people got to work with LILO, not sure _how_ though), and easier to recover from mistakes, since you can basically construct entire boot parameters from the grub boot prompt. Grub also now seems to have good, built in serial support, which it didn't (at least in debian) when I looked a few years ago. That was the only reason some of our boxes deployed with LILO instead of grub.

It's trivial to make sure your /boot partition is in a fs that grub supports well, and I think the benifits far outweigh the added complexity.


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