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Re: Best file system

martin f krafft írta:

there is another option you can choose is reisefs (my fav)

I have suffered massive data loss with reiserfs and heard many
complain about similar problems. I strongly suggest *not* to use

I suggest XFS if you have a server on a UPS, ext3 otherwise.

Don't even think about using XFS, if you plan to use even a moderately loaded MySQL instance on top of it. It locked up one of our servers several times to the point where only the service processor's watchdog function helped, and resetted the machine. There were no signs, no logs, it simply blocked all disc I/O. The system is a Debian Sarge with a custom 2.4.31 kernel, but according to the info I found via Google, the problem is still in the 2.6 series.



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