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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> if you really want to do something to help resolve the problem, then
> educate your countrymen about why running an open relay is a bad idea.
> get them to understand the problem and DO something about it.  that will
> be far more productive and effective than simply whining about various
> RBLs on mailing lists and newsgroups.

The listing I am talking about has nothing to do with open relays.

An entire ISP comprising a lot of HK has been added privately to a hidden
Osirusoft blacklist.

I am bringing to light the fact that relays.osirusoft.com is NOT just a
combination of other lists... it also has a hidden private blacklist run
by Joe Jared himself.

I am also bringing to light that NO OTHER RBLs now list iAdvantage because
they are handling things. SPEWS no longer have them on their blacklist...
SPAMHAUS no longer list them, and all those other ones don't either.

Why does Osirusoft (Joe Jared) add it secretly to their private blacklist
all of a sudden? Does that not make you wonder if all others are removing
it (and I consider SPEWS to be so much more militant, up until now) that
something is strange when Joe Jared adds it by himself suddenly?

> ditto for spamhaus black-listings.  spamhaus IP addresses should be
> blacklisted regardless of where they are and who is using them.

Please blacklist Rackspace and Sprint netblocks then. T

> > But then, you would also get no legit mail from Asia at all. Maybe
> > thats acceptable to you, maybe not.
> it's the same price you pay for using ANY open relay blacklist.  the
> fact that it's an asian mail server makes no difference...legitimate
> mail will be rejected from a listed open relay along with spam,
> regardless of what continent the open relay server is on.

Don't twist my words. Right now iAdvantage... ALL its netblocks... NOT
JUST open relays, are listed.

As mentioned in previous posts with the exact netblock ranges, which cover
a lot of HK IP space, they are ALL blocked. Not just a few netblocks used
by spamming companies... ALL of them.

So don't make Osirusoft sound oh-so-innocent by making it sound as if they
are only listing the open relays and spam sources. They've listed a whole
large chunk of HK.

And as other have said, if they knew that Osirusoft was doing this, they
would reconsider using it.

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