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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> > SO... if you plan on receiving email from me or Asia, I suggest you
> > RBLs with clear listing and removal policies and methods (eg. the RBLs
> > listed above, and others),
> This is a good policy.  Using DNSBL's that don't have some
> resolution method for a black listing is risky.  However, osirusoft
> does have a resolution policy, contrary to your complaint.

No they don't...

> Simply fix the problem, then ask for a retest.  If you retest OK,
> then you get taken off the BL.

Not possible. Joe has not listed iAdvantage as an open relay, nor anything
that you can get off. Hence there is no resolution method... you can visit
the militany NANAE newsgroup for resolution, but if you take a look at the
messages there.... ugh... swearing at each other, threats, etc. Take a
look for yourself.

> Mind you, lists like xbl.selwerd.cx have neither a resolution policy,
> NOR a nomination policy.  An ip address can end up being black
> listed simply because some OTHER ip address initiated some spam.
> Now there is a list to REALLY complain about!

Well, I don't think many people are really go and use xbl.selwerd.cx.
There are plenty of super militany groups like selwerd like blars.org (i
think?) and others.

> > and not relays.osirusoft.com (OR if you must
> > use osirusoft, then use the pick and choose the individual RBLs under
> > relays.orisusoft.com,
> What are you talking about?  There isn't, as far as I know, a "list of
> RBL's under relays.osirusoft.com".  If you are refering to the ability
> to query a number of DNSBL's through:
> http://relays.osirusoft.com/cgi-bin/rbcheck.cgi

Sure they are. relays.osirusoft.com is a combination of other RBLS like
spews, and also Joe Jared's own personal list. It is Joe Jared's own
personal list that is the problem... NOT Spews, NOT the other RBLs.

> then please realize that the list of DNSBL's that is generated by a
> query through this tool are NOT "under" osirusoft.com in any way,
> shape or form.

Yes... this one is.

> > otherwise you'll be using a list that combines many
> > other RBLs together,
> No, osirusoft does NOT combine a great many RBL's together, though
> there does appear to be some cross fertilization between the various
> lists.

I beg you to differ. Alternatively, go there, and enter, just for example,
mailserv.iadvantage.net. Try and find another list that has
mailserv.iadvantage.net and see for yourself.

> > including militant ones and other shoddy ones).

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