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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

At 12:27 08/18/2002 +1000, Jason Lim wrote:
>Because you are using the combined RBL relays.osirusoft.com, and since Joe
>Jared (single operator of relays.osirusoft) has a documented chip on his
>shoulder against Asia and iAdvantage

Osirusoft is not a blocklist, it is just an aggregate of other lists.  Joe
Jared is not listing you, he's simply distributing lists which do.  If you
stop the spamming for which you are personally responsible, the blocklist
maintaners will remove your IP addresses from their lists.

A quick google search


reveals 174 threads concerning iAdvantage spam.

Further, the SPEWS record for iAdvantage


says, and I quote, "Zentek (Jason Lim) is a spam-house, Iadvantage
tolerates spammers."

>Might I suggest 3 effective alternatives (there are many others, but these
>ones I've tested and are good):

Might I suggest refusing all email from Zebtek and iAdvantage until such
time as they quit providing spam support.

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