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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

Dear Russel (and anyone else who is using relays.osirusoft.com),

Because you are using the combined RBL relays.osirusoft.com, and since Joe
Jared (single operator of relays.osirusoft) has a documented chip on his
shoulder against Asia and iAdvantage (upstream,  one of the largest
bandwidth carriers in HK), you'll be missing email from a lot of Asia.

Might I suggest 3 effective alternatives (there are many others, but these
ones I've tested and are good):


All of these block spam effectively, and yet all of the above ones clearly
list their "listing policies" and "removal policies" on their respective
websites, unlike osirusoft that just says "visit nanae" as a solution.

Funny thing is... if you do click on the link Joe Jared setup pointing to
Google, you'll notice that the number of complaints pales in comparison to
those against Rackspace and other large USA hosting and ISPs. The block he
has setup blocks about 40-50% of active IP space in HK overall. He
wouldn't dare block Rackspace or all that because they are in the USA and
are large, and I bet people using his list would drop him like flies if he
were to do that (which he should... rackspace is a proven spamhaven, but

I have communicated with Joe Jared on this (not using real
identification), and while I won't divulge the private communications on a
public list, the general jist is "i don't get legit emails from Asia, nor
do people that use my list. So I could block all of Asia and no one would
care". Those of you that use joe jared's list should be aware of his

SO... if you plan on receiving email from me or Asia, I suggest you use
RBLs with clear listing and removal policies and methods (eg. the RBLs I
listed above, and others), and not relays.osirusoft.com (OR if you must
use osirusoft, then use the pick and choose the individual RBLs under
relays.orisusoft.com, otherwise you'll be using a list that combines many
other RBLs together, including militant ones and other shoddy ones).


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TAGE+ Visit nanae for removal
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